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Prostate inflammation: Periodontal treatment could reduce symptoms

By Dental Tribune International
May 10, 2015

CLEVELAND, USA: Periodontal disease not only affects the mouth, but can also cause inflammation in various parts of the body. The condition has recently been linked again to prostatitis, a disease that inflames the prostate gland. The same study also showed that nonsurgical periodontal treatment reduced symptoms of prostate inflammation.

The study included 27 men with confirmed inflammation of the prostate gland and chronic periodontitis who underwent nonsurgical periodontal treatment. During periodontal care, the participants received no treatment for their prostate condition.

Before treatment, mean prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, which are elevated in the presence of prostate cancer and other prostate disorders, were significantly higher in men with moderate or severe prostate inflammation than in those in the none or mild group.

According to the researchers, a reduction in mean PSA levels was noted four to eight weeks after treatment. Overall, 21 participants showed decreased levels of PSA. Those with the highest levels at baseline benefited most from periodontal treatment, the scientists reported.

"This study shows that if we treat the gum disease, it can improve the symptoms of prostatitis and the quality of life for those who have the disease," said Dr. Nabil F. Bissada, a professor in and chair of the Department of Periodontics at Case Western Reserve University, at which the study was conducted. Bissada hopes that periodontal therapy could become a standard part of prostate disease treatment if the findings are confirmed by his current follow-up study on the subject.

The study, titled "Periodontal Treatment Improves Prostate Symptoms and Lowers Serum PSA in Men with High PSA and Chronic Periodontitis," was published in the February issue of the Dentistry journal.

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