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Ivoclar Vivadent: “Smart solutions that make the lives of dental professionals easier”

By Javier de Pisón, Dental Tribune Latin America
September 13, 2019

MEXICO CITY, Mexico: Ivoclar Vivadent’s new CEO, Diego Gabathuler, marked his first day in the leadership position on July 1 by visiting the company’s Mexico City offices. In an address there, David Hidalgo, director general of Ivoclar Vivadent in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, introduced him. The visit made clear the importance of the Mexican market, where Ivoclar holds the largest congress worldwide organized by a dental company.

Known for manufacturing a wide range of high-quality products and systems for dentists and dental technicians, Ivoclar is one of the largest companies in the industry. It has divisions dedicated to specific segments, such as digital dentistry, direct restorations, and fixed and removable dentures, all which are now under the purview of the new CEO.

In Mexico City, Gabathuler offered a detailed description of Ivoclar, which has developed products such as the IPS e.max ceramic system and the Tetric N-Ceram line of composites, and devices like the Bluephase PowerCure curing light.

“Ivoclar Vivadent wants to support dental professionals with smart solutions, best-in-class training and education; and excellent customer service,” Gabathuler said, adding that the company’s vision is “to bring to the world the best oral health and the most beautiful smiles.”

He explained that the way to achieve these goals is through the development of “smart solutions that make the lives of dental professionals easier, and allow them to be economical.”

“We want to support and guide them with good training and educational programs around the world, and by providing excellence in all services and in all areas: customer service, after-sales service, and any other service needed,” said Gabathuler.

Regarding the main strengths of the company, Gabathuler said: “First is the passion and competence of our people, which is the most important; the second one is our research and development capabilities, as I believe we have the strongest R&D center in the entire dental industry; and the third is our 55 ICDE [International Centers for Dental Education] training centers around the world.”

Hidalgo complemented this statement by noting that the ICDE in Mexico City offers more than 250 courses annually and that these are attended by over 3,000 dental professionals.

Gabathuler remarked that innovative products developed by Ivoclar Vivadent date back many decades in the history of the company, which was founded in Zurich in Switzerland in 1923 and is now based in Schaan in Liechtenstein.

He highlighted the myriad new products that Ivoclar Vivadent has brought to market recently, some of which were on display at this year’s International Dental Show in Cologne in Germany.

“On the dentist side, we have the 3s PowerCure system, which allows the dentist to place a filling in just 3 seconds without compromising esthetics or quality,” Gabathuler said.

“We launched IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime, the high-esthetics, high-strength zirconia material. And, on the equipment side, we exhibited PrograPrint, a 3D printing system for dental laboratories,” he continued.

Gabathuler added that “Ivoclar Vivadent started the esthetic revolution and continues to be the leader in esthetics. It all started with [IPS] Empress, and now it continues with IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime.”

The new Ivoclar Vivadent CEO said that in the near future the company “will integrate equipment, materials, processes, software and cloud solutions to develop systems that are easy to use and economical for dental professionals.”

Hidalgo concluded the introduction, emphasizing the importance of Gabathuler's statements by stating that they summed up the future path of Ivoclar Vivadent.

Editorial note: This article was originally published in Issue 8/2019 of Dental Tribune Latin America.

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