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GreenMark to develop technology for early caries detection

By Dental Tribune International
October 17, 2019

EAST LANSING, Mich., U.S.: The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research has recently awarded GreenMark Biomedical a grant to support the development of its patented nanoparticle-based dental technology for early-stage identification of dental caries. When detected early, caries treatment is noninvasive and nonsurgical and requires minimal intervention. Therefore, the novel treatment would improve the patient experience and the long-term oral health outcomes of those who are at risk of developing caries.

GreenMark is a company focused on minimally invasive health care and develops technologies that use bioresorbable, starch-based nanoparticles that eventually degrade in our body. The $1.5 million (1.36 million) Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant will enable the company to continue working on its caries detection technology. The two-year project involves collaboration with dental and biomaterials experts from the University of Michigan, Creighton University, Tufts University and the University of Colorado.

“Effective management of dental caries, which affects well over 90% of the world’s population, is characterized by detection of early lesions and accurate diagnosis of caries activity,” said Dr. Brian Clarkson, Professor Emeritus of Dentistry in the Department of Cariology, Restorative Sciences and Endodontics at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

“Patients are currently failing to benefit from the scientific developments supporting noninvasive dentistry. GreenMark and their collaborators are helping to enable this advance in dentistry,” he commented.

The company’s diagnostic product will be used by dental professionals as part of routine dental examinations and contains fluorescently labeled starch particles that target active caries and illuminate it. In addition, unlike many fluoride products that seal the tooth’s enamel surface, GreenMark’s treatment products target the enamel subsurface.

“We are excited by our SBIR grant award and the assembly of this team of experts, which will benefit our preclinical testing and clinical validation tremendously,” said Dr. Wendy Bloembergen, GreenMark’s Vice President of Clinical Affairs.

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