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Bartender manufactures tipsy toothpicks

By Dental Tribune International
February 23, 2016

DALLAS, USA: The toothpick is the oldest dental cleaning instrument and has been in use since early modern humans settled the earth. While flavored toothpicks have been around for some time, a U.S. bartender has now introduced a novelty with Licker Pickers. The liquor-infused toothpicks can be ordered in many different tastes, including whiskey, vodka, gin and popular shots.

The Licker Pickers are the brainchild of Jessie L. Dorsey, who has been a professional bartender for more than ten years. She came up with the idea of liquor-infused toothpicks when a customer who often drank Jägermeister asked for a toothpick. “It just occurred to me: why can’t the pick taste like Jägermeister,” Dorsey told Dental Tribune Online. “The idea of Licker Picker came while I was reading about the top 10 upcoming businesses and flavored toothpicks was among them.”

After some research, Dorsey started production in her garage. The 100 percent white birch toothpicks are preserved and flavored with high-quality shelf liquor from local vendors without any chemicals.

“Currently, Licker Pickers are available in 12 flavors, which reflect the popular drinks and shots based on my long experience bartending. Since everyone has a signature cocktail, they can have a signature tooth pick as well,” she said.

According to Dorsey, one major benefit of the Licker Pickers is that they help reduce the habit of smoking.

Since the launch of the product line in October last year, Dorsey has received a great deal of positive feedback on the product, she said. The bartender is currently seeking funds to invest in equipment and expand the production.

The toothpicks come in a 2 oz. key chain flask and can be purchased from the Licker Pickers’ website,, and on Amazon.

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