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The Nuvola System: an innovative clear aligner system to improve and accelerate orthodontic treatment

Digital orthodontics through clear aligners has changed the landscape of the orthodontic profession forever. Mastering such an appliance can help dental professionals treat the majority of malocclusions with great benefits for their patients and improve the efficiency of their practice. The aim of this webinar is to introduce attendees to the potential of digital orthodontics describing the basic knowledge to treat cases with Nuvola System clear aligners. In addition, webinar attendees will be introduced to the philosophy behind the Nuvola OP System, a unique system with no equal in treating more and more complex cases.

Program:  Session 1: Digital orthodontics 
  • What is digital orthodontics? 
  • The current state of play after 20 years of clear aligner therapy 
  • The main reasons to choose digital orthodontics and aligner treatment 
  • Cases in which digital orthodontics should be the first choice 
  • Pros and cons in aligner therapy 
  • True objectives in orthodontic treatment 
Session 2: Nuvola aligners and web platform 
  • How to get started 
  • Case selection, indications and contraindications 
  • Orthodontics in adult patients 
  • Clinical records 
  • Nuvola web platform 
  • Treatment plan and protocol of movements 
  • 3D review 
  • Interproximal reductionclinical application and addressing fears 
  • Attachments: the way to biomechanics 
Session 3: Nuvola OP System 
  • Different philosophiesmechanical and functional
  • Bring clear aligner therapy to a higher level 
  • OP System aligners specific features 
  • Lingual dysfunction and lingual pins 
  • The anatomy of the hard palate and its relation to transverse discrepancy 
  • The Axel functional deviceclinical effects and protocol of use 
Session 4: Dealing with patients  
  • Delivery and instructions 
  • Routine checkup appointments 
  • Emergencies and contingencies 
  • Retainers 

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