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Attract More Patients With Professional Care and Cention N

Dr. Lee will introduce the concept of professional care for prevention oral diseases and how Cention N is used by minimally invasive treatment in the professional care process in this live webinar.

There are many ways to prevent dental diseases, individual methods on its own are not so effective in preventing dental diseases. To overcome these limitations, professional care program identify and control the risk factors of individuals for preventing more effectively. Professional care program includes: Risk assessment, oral care coaching and training(educational process), tooth cleaning plus polishing and application of demineralization or antibacterial agent. Cention N is effectively used in this program for minimally invasive tooth treatment. Professional care program will play an important role in changing dental treatment to oral health care. This Dental webinar lecture will show how professional care programs are accomplished in actual practice and discuss the effects for the patient's oral health.

Watch the webinar

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