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Curing Light Starter Kit

August 23, 2017

Manufacturer: AB Dental Devices Ltd
Price: 650
Location: United States, 89451 Incline Village

The AB LED Curing Light is a pen-style, high-power output, cordless light polymerization device characterized by:

Small, lightweigh
Cordless, charges on stand
Easy-to-use, ergonomic design
Four interchangeable, color-coded tips are available (additional purchase required)


The AB LED Curing Light system has interchangeable color coded tips for different tasks. Connecting a tip creates a different duration, a different optical curing diameter, and a different intensity for different dental tasks. These tips operate a high power blue LED for all CQ based resins. The AB LED Curing Light can be used as a dental mirror with light combined (can accept any standard mirror) or as a diagnosing light.

Comes standard with

General 7mm – aperture 20 second light emission, suitable for most cavity classes, suitable for almost all filling materials
Desktop charger

Optional tips

9mm aperture – large field, step-up “10+10” second light emission, first 10 seconds at half intensity and 2nd 10 seconds at full intensity, suitable for large cavities (Class 2)
3mm aperture – 5 seconds high power light for precise veneer placements and ortho-bracket
White light mirror tip – use as lit dental mirror or diagnosing light, light stays on until turned off manually

Contact Information:

United States, 930 Tahoe Blvd, 89451 Incline Village
Phone: 877-484-4407

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