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Removable dentures, a viable treatment option for edentulous patients

The use of osseointegrated implants for the stabilization of mandibular complete dentures is one of the great achievements in modern dentistry. It is well documented in the literature that the stabilization of lower dentures with two implants reduces peri-implant bone atrophy, increases chewing efficiency, reduces masseter muscle atrophy, and improves the patient’s oral health related quality of life significantly. Diagnostic prerequisites for backward planning as well as the use of two-piece as well as small diameter one-piece implants will be considered. In an approach that considers the general functional capacity and possible functional decline of the elderly edentulous patient a staged approach for the choice overdentures attachments will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:
  • To learn about diagnostics for functional implant-overdentures
  • To learn about the choice of suitable implants for implant-overdentures
  • To learn about the choice of attachment in regard to the patient’s functional capacity

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