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Implant rehabilitation in geriatric patients with comorbidities

When tooth loss occurs later in life, ageing and multimorbidity impact dental treatment decisions. There is sufficient evidence to state that the mandibular implant overdenture is a well-established treatment modality, certainly in non-dependent edentulous individuals, but little is known on the very old and geriatric edentulous patients with comorbidities. They often present unfavourable anatomical conditions and effects of the multiple medications for their chronic conditions. The present webinar therefore describes the use of minimal-invasive and simple treatment concepts for elderly, edentulous patients and discusses the risks of implant placement that are related to their medical conditions. It further highlights possible complications which may arise with the onset of dependency and/or frailty and advises further simplification of the implant-restorations when needed. Recall and maintenance in this group of patients is crucial to assure the patients’ benefit from the intervention

Learning objectives Understand the impact of ageing and multimorbidity on treatment planning Design an age-adequate implant overdenture Learn a strategy to accompany the onset of functional decline

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