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Nobel Biocare Systems President Hans Geiselhöringer. (Photograph: Tom Carvalho, DTI)

Interview: “Innovation backed by science”

Dental Tribune International sat down at IDS 2019 with Hans Geiselhöringer, President of Nobel Biocare Systems, to discuss the company’s latest innovations, its upcoming Global Symposium in Madrid, and what he sees as its future focus.

Mr Geiselhöringer, a point of emphasis for Nobel Biocare at IDS 2019 is implant surfaces, with the company taking the opportunity to launch the Xeal abutment surface and the TiUltra implant surface. How does the TiUltra build upon the success of the TiUnite implant surface?
Well there are several aspects to take into account when discussing implant surfaces. Over the decades-long history of implantology, there have been many different implant surfaces presented: machined, anodized, and so on. As leading innovators in the industry, we had both machined implants and implants with the moderately rough TiUnite surface, which now has a wealth of science behind it and is one of the most clinically researched surfaces on the market.

This overall success showed the superiority of our implant surface, but also demonstrated the important role that research plays at Nobel Biocare. We invested further into basic research to understand even better the early integration processes, which eventually led us to create two new implant surfaces, Xeal and TiUltra, that cater for the specific needs of each area and surface of the restoration. TiUltra, specifically, has a surface topography that changes gradually to become moderately rough towards the implant apex, and a surface chemistry designed to positively interact with cells and improve osseointegration.

Along those lines, a key indicator of implant success has been osseointegration. However, Nobel Biocare is promising to go beyond this with the “Mucointegration” era. How do Xeal and TiUltra allows for this era to commence?
Given that we have more than 100 000 TiUnite implants documented in clinical studies, we know that implant success is influenced by various factors such as implant placement, the maintenance protocol, and the prosthetic design. We have seen that failures occur more frequently as soon as copycats and non-validated prosthetic solutions are integrated into the implant treatment.

With Xeal and TiUltra, we are now able to offer a pair of surfaces with the surface chemistry and scientific backing necessary to promote not just early osseointegration and long-term implant stability, but also soft-tissue attachment to the abutment. Together, these new surfaces can optimize tissue integration at all levels to help improve implant treatment outcomes for all patients.

The patient is in the centre of everything we are doing at Nobel Biocare and these surfaces are another big leap forward to address their needs for immediate function and long-term maintenance and estethics.

The Nobel Biocare Global Symposium, where the new Nobel Biocare N1 implant concept will be presented, seems to be just around the corner. What can dental professionals look forward to by joining you in Madrid?
Based on the extensive clinical experience our key experts have generated with the Nobel Biocare N1 implant concept, I am convinced that what we will be showing in Madrid is the next chapter in dental implant care. We have designed this system working with an international network of researchers and clinicians and have consistently surpassed our own very high expectations during its development. I believe that the Nobel Biocare N1 system’s biologically driven design presents a breakthrough for our understanding of how implant placement and prosthetic procedures can be achieved with a streamlined digital workflow.

Though there are many things to be excited about ahead of the Global Symposium, I am particularly looking forward to the many hands-on sessions that our clinical experts will be running to provide dental professionals with the education and skills necessary for working with the Nobel Biocare N1 system. I welcome those interested in a pre-launch experience to register and join us in Madrid end of June.

You have been President of Nobel Biocare for a bit more than three years at this point, and have been with the company for more than a decade. How has the company changed in this time, and what do you see as its future points of focus?
Going forward, our focus remains on the development of innovations which address customer needs and are backed by science. A clear aim for us is to improve procedures and the dental workflow as much as possible, in order to provide clinicians with forward-thinking solutions that allow for immediate function and shorter time-to-teeth, while at the same time supporting long-term maintenance and esthetics. Going beyond just the improvement of existing solutions, N1 is really a ground-breaking innovation that will set new standards in the industry. We have many more innovations to come in the future and I look forward to presenting these in due time with the assistance of our excellent team here at Nobel Biocare.

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