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Kuraray Noritake


Kuraray Noritake has a long and storied history of providing high-quality solutions in a number of fields. Since 1978, the company has produced dental materials, such as the CLEARFIL™ and PANAVIA™ families of products, that have given it a deserved reputation as an industry leader in excellence and innovation. Read about the company's products below.

Kuraray Noritake – PANAVIA POST

PANAVIA POST is a fiber post made of methacrylate and non-epoxy based resin reinforced glass fibers with high mechanical durability and an optimal elastic modulus for your reliable restorations.


CLEARFIL DC CORE PLUS is a dual-cure (light-cure with self-curing property) two-component core build-up material supplied in an automix delivery system for esthetic and reliable restorations.

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS

CLEARFIL S³ BOND PLUS – it´s your choice for a fast and easy bond.

Kuraray Noritake – PANAVIA F 2.0

PANAVIA F 2.0 is an universal resin cement which shows high bond strength to tooth structures, metals and ceramics.

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL SE BOND 2

Imagine using your two-step self-etch adhesive for core build-ups and even indirect restorations next to direct restorations. CLEARFIL SE BOND 2 does it all.


CLEARFIL PROTECT BOND was developed to meet this challenge and to support the trend of Minimal Intervention Dentistry.

Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL SA CEMENT

CLEARFIL SA CEMENT is a self-adhesive resin cement that features a dual-cure (light- and/or self-cure) formulation, auto-mix delivery, and is fluoride-releasing.

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