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Kuraray Noritake – CLEARFIL SE BOND 2

Imagine using your two-step self-etch adhesive for core build-ups and even indirect restorations next to direct restorations. CLEARFIL SE BOND 2 does it all.

Mixed with our new CLEARFIL DC Activator your adhesive transforms itself into dual-cure mode when needed. The choice is yours. Apart from precise enamel-dentin adhesion, pretreatment of restorations (e.g. composites, glass ceramics and zirconia) are also indicated.

How is all of this possible? It is all about the right mix of Kuraray Noritake Dental’s proven MDP and Dual-Cure technologies to give you long-lasting results. And because it’s from the creator of the self-etch Gold Standard CLEARFIL SE BOND, you can be confident of achieving good results.

More than 20 years ago, adhesive dentistry was dramatically changed with CLEARFIL LINER BOND II as a pioneer of self-etch adhesive. After the launch of CLEARFIL SE BOND in 1999 it became widely known as the world's self-etch gold standard. CLEARFIL SE BOND 2 is based upon this unique heritage.

You like to simplify your adhesive work-flows? CLEARFIL SE BOND 2 gives you durable solutions for your bonding and pretreatment procedures. And your patients? They will love it since there is virtually no postoperative sensitivity.


• Direct restorations using light-cured composite resin
• Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restorations
• Treatment of exposed root surfaces
• Treatment of hypersensitive teeth
• Intraoral repairs of fractured restorations
• Post cementation using a dual- or self-cured composite resin
• Core build-ups using a light-, dual- or self-cured core material
• Cementing inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and veneers using a composite resin cement


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