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  1. Carolina orjuela says:

    DR , quisiera ponerme en contacto con usted

  2. kouhei says:

    Please asap. I have two sensitive tooth onto the jaw and always wonder what if even 80% tissue could be regenerated with new medicine…

  3. watch says:

    Wrong position at dental unit, this’s just for examine during community screening.

  4. Juan Carlos Echeverri García says:

    Excelente articulo. Soy odontólogo general con 36 años de practica general. Sufro de apnea moderada y no pude adaptarme al CIPAP. Por esa razón me interesa mucho el tema. Quisiera obtener toda la información posible sobre esta Patología.

  5. Onam says:

    It is currently ranked 42nd as of FT ranking 2020 not 49th

  6. Would like to know the course details, fee structure and time commitments

  7. Laurie king says:

    I finished radiation therapy for tonsil cancer oct 15 2020. I have developed angular chelitis and horrible chelitis since mask worn from China.

    I think the mask are causing this affliction I am on my third round of medication, starting since middle of October after dental cleaning any suggestions.

  8. Luis Aguirre says:

    Hola me interesa y me gustaría saber mas sobre estas conferencias

  9. Juan says:

    Gracias por fomentar tratamientos preventivos que pongan al paciente paciente en primer lugar.

  10. Dr amruta pagdimal says:

    In can I attend d DSD courses??

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