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Many dental professionals around the world rely on FKG Dentaire products, because the company is able to anticipate and respond to the needs of end users while providing dental professionals with high-quality equipment.

FKG TotalFill BC Sealer HiFlow

The "State-of-the-Art" in endodontic obturation is now available for warm techniques!

FKG XP-endo Solutions

Adaptive. Easy. Safe. Efficient.

FKG XP-endo Shaper Plus sequence

A new generation of Swiss-made instruments enables safer and more effective root canal treatments, thanks to unique 3D extension capabilities.

FKG XP-endo Shaper

The One to Shape your Success - 3D canal shaping

FKG XP-endo Finisher

Optimal cleaning while preserving dentine - 3D canal cleaning

FKG XP-endo Finisher R

The XP-endo Finisher R is dedicated for retreatment cases.

FKG ScoutRace

Sequence designed for canals with severe curvature

FKG Race ISO 10

Designed for calcified or narrow canals

FKG iRace

Quick, effective and safe

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