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Find out more about 3DISC's award-winning dental imaging solutions.

3DISC – HeronClinic 3.1

The new Heron IOS experience has arrived – Check out the all new HeronClinic 3.1

3DISC – Heron IOS Color Scanner

Heron™ IOS is an intraoral color scanner designed together with dentists to ensure a perfect fit into the modern dental practice.

3DISC – Heron IOS – Case Management Software

The Heron IOS Case Management Software is a highly intuitive scan & order management software package that is included in the Heron IOS solution.

3DISC – Heron IOS

Mit dem Heron IOS erhalten Sie eine vollständige Komplettlösung mit einem kleinen, leichten Intraoralscanner zusammen mit unserem QuantorClinic Soft warepaket. QuantorClinic unterstützt sämtliche Schritte der digitalen Abformungen, etwa Case Management, Scans, Validierung, Kommentare und Aufgabe von Bestellungen.

3DISC – Heron IOS

When you invest in a Heron IOS system, you receive a complete solution comprising a small, lightweight intraoral scanner, along with the QuantorClinic soft ware package. QuantorClinic supports the workflow for dental impressions, including case management, scanning, validation, commenting and order submission.

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